Mazhou Camp - Mapungubwe Park Prices

1. Low Season01-Nov-22 To 14-Jun-23
2. High Season15-Jun-23 To 17-Jul-23
3. Shoulder Season18-Jul-23 To 31-Oct-23
1. Low Season01-Nov-23 To 13-Jun-24
2. High Season14-Jun-24 To 21-Jul-24
3. Shoulder Season22-Jul-24 To 31-Oct-24

TBA = To be announced

Rate Description Currency Period 1 2 3 13
Mazhou Camp Site (CK6P)
Mazhou Camp Site CK6P: 1-2 Persons per Night
ZAR Present 340.00 420.00 340.00
Future 359.00 444.00 444.00
Camping: Additional Adult
Camping: Additional Adult per Night
ZAR Present 104.00 104.00 104.00
Future 110.00 110.00 110.00
Camping: Additional Child
Camping: Additional Child per Night
ZAR Present 52.00 52.00 52.00
Future 55.00 55.00 55.00

Cost Info

* Minimum Charge: It is a minimum charge for a particular accommodation unit per night.
If the total cost for the number of people staying in a unit is less than the minimum charge, the minimum charge will apply.

Please note that booking requests applied over weekends will only be processed during the course of Monday.
Rates subject to change.

Rates exclude gate entrance fees payable on arrival.